Tarachand went to jail, Tahir removed his beard after uproar over alleged conversion


  • In Meerut, there was uproar over the conversion of the person who came out of jail
  • Tarachand was jailed 3 years ago, came out as Tahar
  • After protests by local organizations, Tarachand removed the grown beard

Tarachand, 46, was imprisoned in Meerut jail 3 years ago in connection with the crime. On coming out, his beard had grown and he had also taken the name Tahir. Hindutva organizations under pressure conversion (Religious Conversion), after which Tara had to remove her beard.

Inside the jail, Tarachand became friends with other prisoners. Some of them were also Muslims, who helped them out. Tara said, ‘I go to both the temple and the mosque. What’s wrong with that? God cannot be two. It is only one. What does it matter which approach we adopt.’ People started protesting when the word of alleged conversion spread.

Talking about being left alone by the family, Tara said, “I was in jail for 43 months. No one in my family came forward to help. Usman and his friends helped me. Raised funds to fight the case. I spent time with Usman and others. Also read Namaz together. I also grew a beard like him but never got converted.

At the same time, the jail administration also denied any incident of conversion in the premises. Brijesh Singh, CO of Kithore area, said, “They did not get the conversion done legally in the jail premises. Also rejected the matter of adopting any other religion.

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