Due to Threat of factionalism in jail Mafia Pradeep and Sudhir Singh shifted to different jails

To maintain the security system of the prison Gorakhpur Jail Administration included in the list of top ten criminals of the district Mafia Sudhir Singh And Pradeep Singh has been shifted to two different jails amidst tight security. It is alleged that due to the two mafia being lodged in the same jail, there was a possibility of factionalism inside, which was inviting great danger.

The arch rivals are mafia Sudhir and Pradeep
Mafia Pradeep and Sudhir Singh, lodged in Gorakhpur jail, are arch rivals. Many people have been murdered due to old enmity between the families of both. Here, there should be no untoward incident due to both of them being locked in a jail, so both have been shifted to jails of different districts. Please tell that District Badar Mafia Sudhir Singh is jailed a month ago under the Arms Act and the intention of murder. At the same time, Pradeep Singh was already lodged in Gorakhpur jail.

Pradeep was shifted to Deoria and Sudhir Singh was shifted to Maharajganj
Jailor Premsagar Shukla said that due to the closure of two mafia in a jail, there was a possibility of factionalism. In view of this, a report was sent to the higher officials to shift Mafia Pradeep and Sudhir to different jails. After getting official consent from there, District Badar Mafia Sudhir Singh has been shifted to Maharajganj and Pradeep to Deoria Jail.

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