Crime in UP: Girl dead body with liquor bottles in Lucknow forest, fear of murder after rape

Lucknow: Criminal cases are constantly coming out in Uttar Pradesh. There was a sensation from getting the body of the capital in a forest of Lucknow. Many bottles of liquor have also got alcohol near the body of the young woman. The girl’s age is being reported around 18 years. Her face and body also get the mark. The girl has not yet been identified. After the rap, the girl is likely to be murdered. Police case was engaged in investigation. Police say that many facts will be revealed only after the postmortem report.

This matter is a forest located in the Sarojinnagar police station area. Some people passing there in the forest in front of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya on Pipersand Road saw the dead body of the young woman. The sensation has spread from getting the body of the young woman. Passagers reported immediate police. With the team of Sarojini Nagar police station, DCP Central Somen Verma and ADCP Chiranjeev Sinha also came to the spot. With them, Dog Squad and Forensic Team are involved. At present, the woman could not be identified. In

There are some tricks and cut marks on the hands of the young woman, back and face. The scarf is also trapped in her throat. It is believed that the accused have murdered the girl after rape. The police has sent the body to post-mortem in possession. Local people are also being questioned.

DCP Central Somen Verma said that there are marks of injury marks on the hands and back. He said that this is the area of ​​the forest, people throw empty bottles after consuming alcohol. He said that forensic investigations of bottles will be made. DCP said about the possibility of murder after the misbehavior of the murder that the case is going on. We will soon reach all the facts.

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