Banda Agriculture University: Casteist ruckus over the appointment of 11 Thakurs out of 15 professors, orders for inquiry

Banda/Uttar Pradesh: Amidst the controversy over the appointment of professors in Banda Agricultural University, Uttar Pradesh, the state government has issued orders for an inquiry. The university is accused of tampering with the reservation roster, appointing a particular caste ‘Thakurs’. This is such an allegation, which has been repeatedly leveled at the hands of the state government. But now, when the assembly elections are near. Then, this allegation of casteism has made the government uncomfortable.
University selection list is out. Thakur is written in the caste column of 11 people appointed to the post of teacher. And after this this controversy has come in the discussion. Now this list has become viral on social media. On which a new debate has started regarding casteism.

BJP MLA from Banda’s Tindwari Brijesh Kumar Prajapati has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this matter. According to Pratapati, the university issued two separate advertisements for recruitment to 40 posts. Advertisements were removed in two pieces.

In which there is a gap of only one month. In order to benefit some candidates, the reservation roster has been tampered with by splitting the advertisement into two pieces, which is an inexcusable offence. Prajapati has demanded strict action in this matter.

The casteism controversy in UP has created a ruckus on social media. Journalist Naveen Kumar, while sharing the selection list on Twitter, wrote – ‘There was a wonderful explosion of “talent” in UP. 15 professors were appointed in Banda Agricultural University. In this 11 belong to the same caste. And now there is a ruckus inside the upper castes. BJP people are blaming their own government. Neither brother nor Dalits, backwards and tribals did not kill your part. Ask Thakur minister.

The Leader tried to contact the Vice-Chancellor Dr. US Gautam to know the side of the Banda University Administration on these allegations. But could not talk to him.

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