A Muslim Man arrested in religious conversion case in Pilibhit


In Pilibhit, the accused who converted the student by showing the dream of luxury life by taking him to Dubai has been arrested. The police have also taken possession of the car which was bought with the cheated money.

The victim woman, a resident of the locality under Puranpur police station area, gave a complaint to the police. In which he told that his daughter is a student of class XII, she was trapped in a love trap by a Muslim youth named Rajju, a resident of Puranpur and converted to religion on the pretext of getting married and taken to Dubai. In the name of building a house in Dubai, the jewelery and cash kept in the house were also grabbed. When the woman came to know about the whole matter, on questioning the daughter, the student told that she has converted her religion and now marrying the accused will go to Dubai.

After getting information on the matter, the victim woman had submitted an application to the SP complaining about the whole matter of daughter’s conversion. Based on the directions received from the SP, the Puranpur police station had registered an FIR against 7 people including the accused. The main accused Rajju, who carried out the incident, has been arrested by the police. Along with this, the goldsmith who bought jewelery worth lakhs from the victim’s daughter from the accused has also been arrested by the police.

Scorpio bought with fraud money recovered
During the arrest of the accused, the police also recovered a Scorpio from his possession. It is being told that the accused had taken jewelery and cash kept in the house from the girl student to lead a luxury life. Through which accused Muslim youth Rajju Hussain had bought a Scorpio car.

During interrogation the accused confessed the crime
The accused has confessed his crime. The accused told during interrogation that he used to target girls studying in the school. By walking around on a motorcycle, it was first seen which girl’s house belonged, the financial status and background of the family was ascertained. After which the girl students were taken into their possession by seduction and physical abuse was carried out by taking them to the hotel. After which due to compulsion, the girls used to do as the accused said. The accused says that after physical abuse, he used to show dreams of taking the girls to Dubai after marrying them and used to grab everything, including the money kept in the house, posing as financial strength for Shano Shaukat.

Rape case has been filed against the accused
After the matter of conversion came to light, another student of Puranpur has filed a case against the accused Rajju for raping and using caste words including abusive language.

Other accused will be arrested soon
Giving information on the whole matter, SP Kirit Kumar said that the police is engaged in the disclosure of the incident, the main accused has been arrested by the police, other accused will also be arrested soon.

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