Civil unrest occuring in Myanmar

This letter is in response to the articles covering the civil unrest
occurring in Myanmar.

As a citizen of and believer in democracy, I applaud the efforts of the Myanmar people. Their efforts are similar to what is happening in Russia and other parts of the world. Along with the Myanmar people I support the legally elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
Believe it or not, one thing that trumps capitalism and political
correctness in the United States is the right to have one’s voice heard. This is the foundation of which our democracy is built on.

The Myanmar people should continue to defy Min Aung Hlaing’s powerful security forces so that Myanmar democracy can begin to thrive. It is not the Myanmar people that are attempting to seize power but rather it is the military in power who have engaged in intimidation to prevent the will of the people from being heard. Why else would they stoop to such underhanded tactics to block various means of communication among the citizens of Myanmar? Why is the military in power utilizing such political strong-arm tactics as the use of violence?

Min Aung Hlaing, you have seized power in Myanmar and have failed them by your own choosing. The days of the puppet regime are finally coming to an end as it appears the desire for freedom will continue to sweep among all nations. Accordingly, let the call go forth among all citizens of Myanmar that your brothers and sisters of democracy from all over the world are with you during every trial and tribulation you may encounter during this crisis. To the people of Myanmar, the trumpet of freedom beckons you to
rise in protest and ensure your voice to preserve your sacred heritage, promote your children’s future and obtain the blessings of liberty we all cherish.

Soldiers and police of Myanmar, have you no decency other than to frighten and beat people of your own families?

Min Aung Hlaing let the people go !!!

Bang the pots and pans Myanmar !!!


Cleveland, OH USA

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