Hathras: Shattered dreams of Masood Ahmed, jailed for 9 months, the family’s broken hopes

By Wasim Akram Tyagi

Media and politicians gathered in the victim’s village after a brutal encounter with a young girl from the Valmiki society in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. On 5 October 2020, Masood Ahmed was also going to the victim’s house with three of his friends. But they were stopped by the police officers on the way, after which they were taken to the police post where they asked their names and other questions. Masood was also accompanied by his three friends Siddiq Kappan Mohammad Alam and Atikurrahman. On the way, they were arrested by the police station police station at the toll toll plaza of the Yamuna Expressway. A case was filed against him in serious sections. In April this year, the UP STF has filed a charge sheet against them.

Who is Masood Ahmed

Hailing from Bahraich in northeastern Uttar Pradesh, Masood Ahmed is a student leader in the Campus Front of India (CFI). His brother, Monis Ahmed, says that “he (Masood) was very shocked by the confinement with the girl.” That is why he was going to Hathras to join the victim’s family’s grief and to fulfill his responsibility as a student worker. “
For information, let us know that Popular Front of India is the student wing of PFI. The organization has often been accused of being an extremist organization, while the Populous Front of India has denied these allegations. Others arrested along with Masood include 27-year-old Atiq-ur Rehman and 30-year-old Mohammad Alam from Uttar Pradesh, and 41-year-old journalist Siddique Kappan from Kerala. Monis says that he was busy in collecting papers for his brother’s surety for two days, but the UP police administration had a different plan. On October 7, the police ‘revealed’ that the four arrested were plotting to incite caste-based violence in UP. On this charge, he was charged with sedition and Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA). Often these clauses are imposed on the accused in serious cases like terrorism. Monis says when he came to know that his brother has been charged with UAPA and treason, this news shattered all of us. He (Masood) is not a criminal or a terrorist, but only a student activist who was fighting for justice against injustice.

Masood Ahmed

Shattering dreams shattering expectations

Masood Ahmed’s family, friends and fellow student activists call him an energetic young student leader. They say that Masood wanted to serve the society by joining the Indian Administrative Service. But now he fears that he may not be late to fulfill his dream of becoming a ‘bureaucrat’ before he proves his innocence in the face of the country’s slow judicial process. Nearly eight years ago, Masood Ahmad came to Delhi to pursue a postgraduate degree in journalism at Jamia Millia Islamia, a central university in Delhi. It was from here that he got himself involved in the student politics of the campus. Masood’s companions point out that, apart from studying, Ahmed used to spend most of his time in making the university administration aware of the problems of the students. Not only this, they used to go to the slums of Okhla area and also make the poor children aware of their education. Masood also worked for several web portals after completing his journalism studies from Jamia, but in 2016 he again joined Jamia to prepare for the UPSC exam and enrolled in post-graduation. After completing his second post-graduation in 2018, Masood Ahmed distanced himself from campus politics and started preparing for the Indian Administrative Service exam.

England scholarship rejected for UPSC

Monis explains that his brother Masood Ahmed wants to go to the Indian Administrative Service. For this, he was engaged in preparing for the civil service by rejecting the scholarship to do MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University in England, although her friend Harmeet Kaur accepted this scholarship, due to which she is now studying in England. . Harmeet talks about Masood stating that “he wanted to serve the poor and the marginalized.”

The family’s allegation was made due to being a Muslim!

Chand Bibi, the 51-year-old mother of Masood Ahmed, the youngest of three brothers, has been in prayer since her son’s arrest, spending most of her time praying to her Lord to pray for her son’s release. Chand Bibi eagerly waits for the coming Monday of every week, because the people have also stopped meeting in jail due to the epidemic. That is why the jail administration almost every Monday gets Masood Ahmed to talk to his mother on mobile. Chand Bibi says that these things only happen for two minutes or less. She says that the UP government has made her son and his friends a “scapegoat” to divert attention from the Hathras incident. Because now it has become a trend that the name of a Muslim should be raised to divert attention from any sensitive issue.

Madhuban Chaturvedi, lawyer of Masood Ahmed, agrees with Chand Bibi and explains her point in more detail. According to Madhuban, the reason for the cases made against Masood is due to Masood being an outspoken opponent of BJP and RSS. According to Madhuban, while doing student politics, Masood has raised his voice against the RSS and BJP, not only that Masood has also criticized these two organizations that are synonymous with each other on social media. Madhuban Chaturvedi has also accused the UP police of torturing Masood over Masood. He says that in police custody “IPS level police officers kicked, slapped and abused Masood.”

Even the lawyer did not show the charge sheet

Masood Ahmed’s lawyer has also severely accused UP STF. He says that on April 2 this year, the Special Task Force (STF) of the Uttar Pradesh Police filed a five thousand-page charge sheet against Masood Ahmed, Siddique Kappan, Aturrahman, Mohammad Alam and four others in a Mathura court. . Madhuban says that instead of giving this charge sheet to the lawyers of the accused, only a 22-page brief has been given. Madhuban also says that 44 of the 55 people who have been made witnesses against his client are police officers. Calling the allegations leveled by the police a “story”, Saifan says that “the intention of the police is to fabricate a story to ensure that Ahmed stays behind bars for a long time”.

No permission for examination from court

Masood’s Facebook and Instagram wall are full of social work done by him. There are many photographs of him on his wall as proof of the social work done during the floods in Assam and Kerala. Masood’s brother Monis says that Masood had passed the NET exam, but he wanted to once again appear for NET for the GRF, but the court did not allow him to appear for the exam. According to Monis, Masood’s examination center was in Lucknow, but the court was not allowed to sit for the examination. Monis explains that the prison administration has not even provided books to Masood, this is causing a lot of damage to Masood’s studies.

The family members of Masood Ahmed, who has been in jail for almost 9 months, are fearing for his safety in jail. Masood’s family says that due to Masood’s Muslim identity and the allegations leveled against him, he is seen as anti-national. In this regard, Masood’s brother Monees has written a letter to the Chief Justice of the Prime Minister’s Office, UP as well as the Chief Justice of the Allahabad High Court, demanding the release of Ahmed. Through this letter, Monis has demanded that the safety of my brother in jail be ensured, he should be interviewed by me, all the cases lodged against him should be withdrawn, Masood Ahmed’s education and education were ruined due to being in jail Is happening He qualified the UGC NET exam, was studying for UPSC preparation as well as for admission in PhD, so he should be released soon, looking at his studies and future.

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