Delhi pogrom: Sub-inspector says ‘sorry’ as court raps him over mosque attack probe

New Delhi: A local court pulled up the Delhi Police for their ”callous attitude” in investigating the burning of Madina Masjid in Shiv Vihar during last year’s anti-Muslim pogrom.

Additional Sessions Judge Vinod Yadav said that the police proceeded in a “hurried and unholy haste”.

When ASJ Yadav asked Assistant Sub-Inspector Suman, who was first handed over the case by the SHO, as to what investigation he did, the officer told the court that he had contracted coronavirus at the time.

The judge then asked what he did during the time period when he did not have the virus. “Did you write the DD entry? What did you do in the case? Who all were interrogated? Your tongue has vanished now?” ASJ Yadav said

ASI Suman told the court, “I did not do anything.”

After the incident, Haji Hashim Ali, the complainant of the case, had approached the police and lodged a complaint alleging that rioters desecrated the mosque and burnt his house.

Instead of investigating the case, the police had clubbed the case with the complaint of another person Naresh Chand and arrested Ali.

Later, Ali was released on bail.

Questioning police over the arrest of Ali, the court asked, ‘Who will answer for the number of days complainant spent in jail?’

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