West Bengal politics: CM Mamta’s first attack on Shubhendu Adhikari, who was once dear, got the FIR done for theft

Shubhendu Adhikari, who was once a close friend of West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, had left the Trinamool Congress (TMC) before the assembly elections and joined the BJP. She was defeated by Shubhendu Adhikari while contesting against Mamta from Nandigram seat.

After the election defeat, CM Mamta Banerjee has finally made the first attack on the BJP’s Shubhendu. An FIR of theft has been registered against Shubhendu Adhikari and his brother Somendu. He has been accused of stealing relief material from the municipality.

On June 1, Ratnadeep Manna, a member of the municipal administrative board, lodged a report at the Kanthi police station, in which he made allegations of theft against BJP leader Shubhendu Adhikari and his brother Somendu Adhikari. Let us inform that Somendu has been a former municipal chief in Kanthi municipality.

In the complaint lodged at the police station, it has been told that at the behest of Shubendu and his brother Somendu, at around 12.30 pm on May 29, the municipality

The lock of the office warehouse was opened. Then a government tripal worth about one lakh was stolen. It is alleged that central security force was also used by BJP leaders during the theft.

Action on a close friend of Shubhendu
The process of registration action after the election is not limited to this. Kolkata Police has also arrested Rakhal Bera, a close aide of Shubhendu Adhikari in a two-year-old cheating case. He is accused that he had cheated two lakh rupees in 2019 on the pretext of getting a person a job in the Ministry of Irrigation and Waterways.

Had defeated CM Mamta by 1956 votes
In the assembly elections of West Bengal, this time the eyes of the whole country were on Nandigram seat, because Shubhendu Adhikari had contested against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on a BJP ticket from this seat. In the election, Shubhendu defeated CM Mamta Banerjee by 1956 votes.

BJP could become the main opposition party for the first time
TMC got 213 seats out of total 292 seats in West Bengal assembly elections. Mamta Banerjee was made the Chief Minister for the third time, but she lost the election from Nandigram seat. BJP got 77 seats in the election. The account of Congress and Left alliance could not even be opened. Due to which BJP has become the main opposition party in West Bengal for the first time.

BJP workers killed after election results
Violence erupted in West Bengal after the results of the assembly elections were declared. Shubhendu’s car was also pelted with stones after Mamata Banerjee’s defeat. It was alleged that BJP offices and workers were targeted by Trinamool Congress. Several BJP workers were also murdered. After the violence in Bengal, the Center has provided Y plus security to Shubhendu’s father Shishir Adhikari and brother Divyendu Adhikari.

Shubhendu is the leader of opposition in the assembly
Nandigram MLA Shubhendu Adhikari has been elected as the Leader of Opposition in the Assembly. In such a situation, there has been a stir in the politics of Bengal after the report was filed on him. The BJP has termed it as an action to annoy Mamata’s defeat in the elections.

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