Two Terror Suspects Brought To ATS Headquarters On Remand

Minhaj Ahmed and Masiruddin, the two terror suspects allegedly associated with Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind, were brought from the jail to the ATS headquarters at around 11 am on Tuesday. The interrogations are being conducted after these terrorists got a 14-day police remand from the court.

These terror suspects will be questioned about their connections and networks from Kanpur to Kashmir. They will be questioned about the places where serial blasts were being planned. The police will interrogate them about their other alleged associates of Al-Qaeda and Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind and trace sleeper cells. They will also be interrogated on where and how they had procured arson and equipment in the state and who funded it.

The ATS interrogation revealed that the terrorists were in contact with Tauheed and Musa (who are associated with Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind in Kashmir). ATS sources say that terrorist Minhaj was connected to these two men through the Telegram app. Minhaj had also sent some funds to Tauheed’s bank account.

ATS recovered a pistol from Minhaj. During the interrogation, Minhaj confessed to bringing the pistol from Kanpur. He also said that a young man provided him two pre-activated SIM cards from Rahmani Market located in Chamanganj, a sensitive area in Kanpur.

The ATS obtained important information related to the terrorist network by raiding many places in Kanpur.

A big builder who was helping the terrorists has been taken into custody from Kanpur. ATS sources say that the accused builder used to help in the radicalisation of youth and provide funds to terrorists for destruction.

There is also information about the arrest of 3 people who got Minhaj the pistol and the SIM cards. Many others from different places have also been taken into custody for questioning.

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