thousands of people gathered panchayat in favor of the killers of Asif Mewati

A Mahapanchayat has been organized by the leaders of Hindu society in support of the accused arrested in the mob lynching case of gym trainer Asif in Mewat, Haryana. The demand for release of all the accused was raised in the Mahapanchayat held in Nuh, Haryana. The Mahapanchayat was presided over by Chaudhary Arun Zaildar of 52 Pal. After the panchayat, Hinduist leaders have met the Superintendent of Police of Mewat and demanded the release of the accused.

On May 30, a Mahapanchayat was organized in support of the killers of Asif at Sangam School in Indri village of Nuh. In addition to the people of Haryana, people from Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi participated in the Mahapanchayat organized by various Hinduist organizations in numbers in many thousands. Due to the cases of Kovid in Haryana, Section 144 is imposed, in such a situation a Mahapanchayat was organized in a crowd of many thousands.

The Mahapanchayat lasted for about five hours, from 11 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, despite the imposition of Section 144, the panchayat was organized. The Mahapanchayat was presided over by Chaudhary Arun Zaildar of 52 Pal. Apart from the common people, many Hindu organizations, BJP leaders participated in the Mahapanchayat. In this Mahapanchayat, a voice was raised in support of the youths caught in the Asif murder case.
A committee of 31 people was formed in the panchayat, in which it was decided that 101 people of Hindu society would demand the release of the accused arrested in the Mill Asif murder case from the police captain of Mewat. The people of Hindutva organization say that all the accused who have been caught are innocent and by catching innocent youths, the police have hurt the sentiments of Hindu society.

According to a video, Panchayat President Arun Zaildar said in the panchayat that the arrested people are innocent, they should be released, he said that the police had hurt the sentiments by arresting innocent Hindu youths. Arun Zaildar said that a committee has been constituted in this regard, which will meet the Superintendent of Police and demand the release of the accused. Arun Zaildar said in the panchayat that if the police does not spare the accused, then a bigger Mahapanchayat will be organized and strategies will be made.

Surajpal Ammu, President of Karni Sena, who was involved in the Mahapanchayat, also gave controversial statements. According to a video, Surajpal Ammu said in the panchayat that people like Asif made obscene videos of our sisters and daughters and we should not even murder them. Surajpal Ammu said that the youth who has been murdered is guilty, many cases are registered against that youth in Haryana, UP. He said in the panchayat that if the police does not release the accused youths, then more mahapanchayat will be held. In the video, Surajpal Ammu addresses a Muslim as a child of Pakistan. Surajpal Ammu justifies the killing of Asif in a crowd of several thousands and the crowd clapped. Surajpal gives many such controversial and communal harmony statements in the panchayat.

In Haryana, apart from this Mahapanchayat, many other small panchayats were organized in which the support of the accused in the Asif murder case was talked about. A panchayat was also held in support of the accused in Kira village of Nuh tehsil of Haryana, besides another panchayat was also organized in Badoli village of Faridabad.

The Muslim Rakshak Dal, an organization of Haryana, has also lodged a complaint with the police against all these mahapanchayats. Takir Ali, president of Muslim Rakshak Dal, said in a complaint letter to the Mewat Superintendent of Police that statements that break Hindu-Muslim unity, integrity are being given in panchayats, as well as spreading hatred towards Muslims and violating the law. Used to be.

It is to be known that on May 16, 25-year-old Asif, a gym trainer living in Khalipur Kheda village, was murdered by mob lynching by two dozen youths of the village itself. On the complaint of Asif’s father Zakir, the police had registered an FIR against 14 named, 14 named and 15-20 unknown people. Police arrested Patwari, Advani, Bhima, Rishi, Sonu, Kota, Anup, Mahendra, Balla, Nathu, Kuldeep, Raju, Kala, Sandeep while registering a case under Section 25 of Arms Act, Section 148,149,302,323,341,365 of IPC. was.

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