The Central Government should give proper representation to the UNANI in the NCISM boards.

By Mohd Salman

Central Government isssued a Notification through Gazette on dated 11/06/2021 and dissolved the Central Council of Indian Medicine ( CCIM ) which was in existence vide under Indian Medicine Central Council Act ( IMCC ) act 1970 (48 of 1970) and with this a new act namely National Commission for Indian system of Medicine ( NCISM ) ( NCISM act 20 of 2020 )was formed under section 18 sub section 1 NCISM came in to existence and Vaidya Jayant Yashawant Deopujari (Ayurveda) was made its chairperson
A separate board for Ayurveda was formed and Vaidya Shrineenvasa Prasad Budu ( Ayurveda ) was nominated as it’s President .
Unani was removed from Ayurveda ,Siddha board and a separate board compromising Unani, Siddha and Sowarigpa was created and Dr K Jagannathan hailing from Kerela and basically he is from Siddha faculty ( In all over India Siddha have only 12 Siddha Medical colleges ) was made President of the Unani, Siddha and Sowarigpa.
Dr Raghuram Bhatta of Bangalore is now president of the Medical Assessment and retaining for Indian system of medicine He is also from Ayurveda .

on Board of Ethics registration for Indian system of medicine Vaidya Rakesh sharma (Punjab )had been appointed he is also from Ayurveda .
Thus total control is given to Ayurveda for all pathies.
It’s irony to Unani that inspite of having 50 UNANI Undergraduate Medical colleges and 12 colleges of Unani Postgraduates,total 62 colleges are in india while control running and others are given to those who hardly have 12 college of siddha .
How a Siddha person can give justice to Unani? when he is unaware of system running and have no knowledge about Unani Medicine ? it’s like handing a trailer to a scooter driver .
Why no one from 62 UNANI Medical Colleges had been given any responsibility in NICSM 2021??
Why separate board had not been created For Unani Medicine just like Ayurveda ??and why due representation was not given to Unani in all boards ???
Why only ayurveds are preferred in every board ??
Our demand is to create separate board same on the line of Ayurveda and due representation should be given on the line of Ayurveda in all boards created in NCISM.
If govt want to do justice the above demands should be accepted else we shall be compelled to believe that govt is ignoring the right of unani and trying to finish off this pathy slowly by creating obstacle and giving stepmotherly treatment۔
Slowly all roads are being closed and all rights are withdrawn and govt is trying to give supremacy to Ayurveda .and other pathies are being kept under Ayurvedic director, and liberty right and way to prosper had been terminated .

Whether integrative health policy or CGHS central govt health services every where unani is being ignored. While Ayurveda post graduate got 56 surgery notification , UNANI, MS PG graduates had been totally ignored.
In the year 1910, when Britishers termed Ayurveda and Unani as unscientific, Hkm Ajmal Khan started a movement and thus compelled Britishers to take back their decision and started ayurvedic and unani college in 1913 in Delhi and foundation laying ceremony was done by viceroy.
After the college was ready it’s inaugural ceremony was done by none other but Father of India Mahatma Gandhi in the year 1921( This Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbiya college Karol Bagh recently celebrated its centenary year in 2021).
The college was given approval and research centre was also started alongwith Ayurved and unani both pathy flourished.
Due to selfless service by him ,ajmal Khan and sacrifices of many Ayurvedic and unani Doctors that today these pathies are still alive and flourishing and benefitting poor people .
We are in debt due to sacrifice done by Hkm Ajmal Khan that today we are reaping benefits.
Hence Unani Fraternity request central government not to play politics and withdraw notification and give equal status by creating a separate board for unani and give permission of surgery to MS PG Unani , as given to Ayurved Post graduate. and include Unani in central government health scheme CGHS and integrative health policy so that justice should be given to Unani .If not done then Unani Fraternity all over the globe will be compelled to do protest and agitation in peaceful and democratic manner,till justice is done and amicable solution is offered to Unani

Press release by AMU PRO OFFICE

Mohd Salman is BUMS Final Student at Ajmal Khan Tibbia College,Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

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