Rishi Sharma, the main accused in the Aligarh liquor scandal and a reward of 1 lakh , arrested

Aligarh/UP: Rishi Sharma, the main accused responsible for the deaths due to spurious liquor and a reward of one lakh, has been arrested from Bulandshahr border on Sunday morning.

More than 100 died due to spurious liquor

Let us tell you that the illegally built farm house of Rishi Sharma was demolished by the police by running JCB. At the same time, more than 100 people have died painfully due to spurious liquor.

Phone numbers put on surveillance for the arrest of the accused

Earlier on Saturday, the police had arrested another accused 25 thousand prize money, for the arrest of Rishi Sharma, the police had put a large number of phone numbers on surveillance.

Police interrogating the main accused

At the same time, the police was raiding in about 6 states for his arrest, on Sunday, on the information of the informer, the police arrested him from the Bulandshahr border, the police is now arresting him and interrogating him.

Serious allegations against Rishi Sharma in many different cases

The arrested Rishi Sharma has serious charges in many different cases. He is said to have alleged political links with prominent leaders.

The SSP said that five close family members of Sharma have been arrested. Among them are Sharma’s wife, son, brothers Munish and Kapil Sharma and his nephew Akash. He said that many people have been arrested in different cases registered in different police stations of the district.

Administration started JCB at Rishi Sharma’s farm house

At the same time, on Saturday, the administration had started JCB at the farm house located in the police station Jawan area of ​​Rishi Sharma, the main accused who was absconding in the liquor scandal.
Order to close Ganga canal for two days for search operation

The district administration on Saturday ordered closure of the canal for two days in view of the apprehension of illegal liquor stocking in the Ganga canal in Aligarh. So that a thorough search and cleaning operation can be carried out.

The District Magistrate said that a team of officers will look after the cleaning and search operation of the canal. This step was taken after the incident of finding liquor pouches in a large quantity of crates in the canal on June 2.

Ten laborers of Bihar origin also lost their lives

Ten laborers of Bihar origin who used to work in a brick kiln also lost their lives after consuming liquor found in the canal and many are still getting their treatment in the hospital.

Treatment of about 36 people affected by spurious liquor continues

About 36 people still affected by spurious liquor are undergoing treatment at the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Hospital, Aligarh Muslim University.

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