Revolt against LJP President Chirag Paswan, 5 party MPs removed Paswan from all posts

There has been a big breakdown in the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) of late veteran leader Ram Vilas Paswan. LJP’s national president Chirag Paswan is now facing a heavy blow from the NDA during the Bihar assembly elections.

The five MPs of the party have removed National President Chirag Paswan from all posts. Also, Chirag’s uncle Pashupati Kumar has chosen Paras as his leader. He has also been entrusted with the responsibility of the leader of the parliamentary party along with the national president.

Chirag Paswan is completely isolated in the politics of Bihar. The reason for this break in LJP is believed to be the ongoing tussle between BJP and JDU over the lamp.
LJP MPs Pashupati Kumar Paras, Chaudhary Mehboob Ali Kaiser, Veena Singh, Chandan Singh and Prince Raj have parted ways with Chirag Paswan. This decision was approved in the meeting of LJP MPs which lasted till late Sunday evening.

Later, the five MPs also informed Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla about their decision. The MPs also handed over an official letter to him in this regard.
On Monday, ie today, these MPs will also inform the Election Commission about this. After that, they will also officially announce their decisions. On the other hand, party spokesperson Ashraf Ansari has denied any such break-up.

Family rift after 21 years

The LJP was formed on November 28, 2000. After the death of Ram Vilas Paswan, Chirag got the benefit of having a son.

During the assembly elections, Chirag had described himself as the Hanuman of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But his uncle Pashupati Kumar Paras was angry about coming out of the NDA and contesting the Bihar assembly elections.

Even before the assembly elections, the matter of split among the MPs of the party had come to the fore. At that time also Pashupati Kumar Paras was leading the rebel MPs. However, Paras later put an end to the matter by denying these discussions on his letter head.

But the resentment in the party against Chirag did not subside. The resentment reached its peak after the LJP’s poor performance in the assembly elections.

On the other hand, JDU also blames LJP for the defeat in many seats. JDU leaders have been making scathing attacks on the LJP during and after the elections. Now there is bound to be an effort to capture the party.
Chirag busy in persuading party leaders

After the decision of five MPs, there is a possibility of a big ruckus in the LJP. Many LJP leaders have already joined JDU. This cycle may continue. At the same time, Chirag Paswan has started persuading the party’s angry leaders.

The hard work continued till late night. Last time the MPs had accepted Chirag, but this time they are not ready to back down.

Paras was in touch with JDU MP

Pashupati Kumar Paras was in constant touch with JDU MP Lalan Singh for the last few days. Recently, there was a meeting between the two in Patna.

In Delhi too, there have been constant talks between them. He also had contacts with MPs. Surajbhan has also been close to Lalan Singh.

Why did the rebel leaders choose Paras as the leader?

Paras is the senior most among the LJP MPs. The big thing is that he is the younger brother of Ram Vilas Paswan. They can take everyone along. No other MPs will also feel uncomfortable because of his being a leader.

LJP’s lone MLA also joined JDU

The LJP, which contested on 143 seats in the Bihar assembly elections, could win just one seat. Chirag Paswan could not even keep the lone LJP MLA from Mahitani in his party and he joined JDU.

Earlier, after the election results, more than two hundred leaders, including several district presidents, had left the LJP and joined JDU.

Unity of Paswan family shattered

The example of the unity of the Paswan family was given in politics. Ram Vilas Paswan, Pashupati Kumar Paras and Ramchandra Paswan, the love between the three brothers was often the subject of discussion.

There was a discussion in the political circles that whenever the three brothers gather, they eat together. Any decision is taken collectively.

In the year 2019, if Ram Vilas did not contest the elections, he had handed over his Hajipur seat to Paras only. When Ramchandra Paswan died, he had fought the nephew Prince Raj from Samastipur.

He was made the state president, but after the death of Ram Vilas Paswan, the estrangement started in the uncle-nephew on the question of Nitish. Chirag remained a staunch critic of Nitish and an admirer of Paras. Let us inform here that Paras was the Minister of Animal Husbandry in the Nitish cabinet.

Political analysts believe that the estrangement between uncle and nephew over Nitish’s question reached the level of communication gap and the family broke up.

Pashupati Paras may join the central government

These days the discussion of Union Cabinet expansion is intensifying. Paras can become a minister at the Centre. In the year 2019, when Prime Minister Modi took over again, a formula was made that allies would be given one seat each in the Council of Ministers.

Then the JDU with 16 MPs did not join the Council of Ministers. He demanded at least two seats. Ram Vilas Paswan became minister from LJP with 6 MPs.
He died just before the assembly elections. If the LJP’s quota is vacant, it has not been filled yet.

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