Priyanka arrives in Lucknow on a three-day visit, received a warm welcome at the airport

Lucknow: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, National General Secretary of the Congress Party and in-charge of UP, arrived in Lucknow on a three-day visit from Friday to launch the Congress mission in Uttar Pradesh. From Amosi Airport to Hazratganj, party workers gave a hearty welcome to Priyanka Vadra. First, she visited the statue of Gandhi at the GPO and laid a wreath to pay her respects. Here, Priyanka sat in a sit-in against the spread of jungle rule in the state, violence in the panchayat elections, harassment of women, demolition of law and order and an atmosphere of fear. After the sit-in lasted for about two hours, she left for the Congress headquarters. Congress general secretary Priyanka Vadra told the media at the State Congress Committee office that she had called a sit-in because the constitution was being destroyed in Uttar Pradesh. ۔ Democracy is being broken.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday gave a certificate to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for his tremendous work in the second wave of Karuna. He said that development was going on in Uttar Pradesh. What a development, when Corona’s second wave was, Panchayat elections were held. How many deaths occurred there? Priyanka Vadra said that you held elections but the results did not come as desired. Violence erupted when district panchayat and block president elections were held, and women’s clothes were being pulled. Somewhere bombs were exploding. What do you think the people will be silent? Will the opposition remain silent? The way democracy is being attacked is nothing new. Every effort was made to overthrow democracy.

We have come to save democracy. He has come to speak for the people. “Women are insecure in Uttar Pradesh,” he said. If the Prime Minister is praising the safety of his Chief Minister for women, then you should understand for yourself what the government has done so far? The enthusiasm of the workers who had been waiting for hours at the Gandhi statue reached its peak when they reached the statue of Gandhi from Raj Bhavan. The crowd was such that the police had to remove the workers from the place of the statue and bring them down. Women workers standing with flowers were also injured. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached his constituency of Varanasi on July 15 and inaugurated development projects worth over Rs 1,583 crore, but during his speech, He did not swallow many people. PM Modi’s statement that “the way the yogi government fought Corona is unprecedented” was not well received by the people and many on social media even called him a “liar”. General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has also criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s praise of the Yogi government and said that awarding Modiji’s certificate would not hide the failure of the Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh. Priyanka Gandhi has tweeted in this regard in which she wrote that “Modiji’s certificate cannot hide the reality of aggressive tyranny, negligence and mismanagement of the Yogi government during the second wave of Corona in UP. People faced immense suffering, helplessness alone. This fact can be forgotten by Modi ji, Yogi ji, those who endured the pain of Corona, they will not forget it. ”In fact, during a speech in Varanasi, the Prime Minister had said that Shape attacked with full force. But UP, including Kashi, bravely faced such a dilemma.

The manner in which Uttar Pradesh prevented the spread of corona infection during the second wave is unprecedented. ”PM Modi’s statement caused a stir on social media and many people were surprised that How can the Prime Minister attribute the failures of the UP government to success. A report has been published on a Hindi news portal ‘Jan Satta’ in which a Twitter user named Kamal has given his reaction. Commenting on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement, the user said, “You mean the people who just died were few?” And more should have died. Then you will admit that the situation was bad. ”Another user expressed surprise at PM Modi’s statement and wrote,“ How can you be the Prime Minister of the country and tell such a big lie. The corpses lying on the bank of the river all tell.

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