Jharkhand: In a land dispute, a 19-year-old girl was elected alive by the gangsters in the wall, the police saved her life

A shocking incident has come to light from Jharkhand. It is being told that in the land dispute, the rioters got a 19-year-old girl elected alive in the wall.

On information, the police somehow saved the girl’s life by breaking the wall. Police has arrested one accused woman in the case, while five accused are absconding.

this is the whole matter
Yogiya Tilha is a village in Koderma district of Jharkhand. Kishore Pandit, who lives here, is having a dispute with Vinod Pandit, a resident of the village, on the issue of land. On Friday, Kishor and his wife had gone to a relative’s house, leaving their 19-year-old daughter Sulekha Kumari alone at home.

It is alleged that during this time Vinod Pandit along with his side Shankar Pandit, Manoj Pandit, Birbal Pandit, Usha Devi, Gayatri Devi, Manisha Devi, Meena Devi and Savitri Devi reached to occupy the land.

The gangsters locked Sulekha on the door and locked her in the room to take revenge on Kishore. Not only this, the bullies built a wall of mud and pucca bricks outside the door. Sulekha remained locked in that room for about six hours. Due to which she fainted.

Police pulled out by breaking the wall
When Kishore and his wife returned to the village after learning about the matter, they saw a wall made of mud and bricks in front of the door. After this, Kishor informed the police. When the police reached the spot somehow broke the wall, Sulekha was found inside in a state of unconsciousness. In a hurry, Kishore took his daughter Sulekha and admitted him to the hospital.

Girl screaming for help, no one came
After Sulekha regained consciousness in the hospital, the police interrogated her, then she told the whole incident. According to Sulekha, when the people of Vinod Pandit’s side were locking him in the room and getting him selected in the wall, he called several times for help. But no one reached to help him. After being locked in the room for several hours, she fainted.

After the incident, the accused attacked the house again
Kishore alleges that after the police left, the accused again attacked his house and damaged it. The victim Kishore Pandit has lodged an FIR against the six accused by giving a complaint letter at Jayanagar police station. Police has arrested Savitri Devi, accused in the case.

what did the police officer say
According to SI Rajendra Rana, if Sulekha was not taken out on time, she would have lost her life. Koderma Superintendent of Police Dr. Ehtesham informed in the matter that the accused have committed the crime in the land dispute. One accused has been arrested. Other absconding accused will be arrested soon.

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