Goons attacked Dalit youth for having a mustache

A case of assault on a Dalit youth for wearing a long mustache in Ahmedabad, Gujarat has come to light. It is being told that 10 people are involved in carrying out the attack. The police have initiated action on the complaint of the victimized Dalit youth by registering a complaint. Presently the victim is under treatment in the hospital and 3 accused have been arrested by the police.

The case relates to Karathkal village in the Viramgam taluka area of ​​Ahmedabad. On Sunday night, Dhama Thakor, a resident of the village of Suresh Vaghela, a Scheduled Caste resident of Karathkal village, came along with nine other people and started abusing and abusing Suresh for having a long mustache.

At home, Dhama Thakor and the people accompanying him behaved abusively with Suresh and beat him up. All attacked Suresh with sharp weapons and batons, in which Suresh was badly injured as well as Suresh’s sister who came to rescue him. Suresh has suffered very serious injuries on his head. The victim has been admitted by the police to Shiva Hospital in an injured condition where he is being treated.

The victim Dalit youth Suresh Vaghela lodged a complaint against four unidentified persons, Dham Thakor, Kaushik Walend, Atrik Thakor, Sanjay Thakor, Anand Thakor, Vijay Thakor, residing in the village in Veeramgam rural police station. In Tahrir given to the police, the victim Suresh has accused these people of abusing and assaulting him only for having a long mustache.

The police registered a case against Suresh’s Tahrir against four other unidentified accused including Dhama Thakor, Kaushik Wallend, Atrik Thakor, Sanjay Thakor, Anand Thakor, Vijay Thakor under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SC / ST) Prevention of Atrocities Act. While taking action, the police have arrested three accused so far and the remaining accused are still being searched.

According to the victim Suresh Vaghela, he had no quarrel with those who attacked him. According to the victim, he was attacked due to his large mustache. Ahmedabad Deputy Superintendent of Police BS Vyas told the media that a case has been registered in the attack on a Dalit youth and three accused have also been arrested and raids are being conducted to arrest the rest. According to the police, the allegations made by the victim Suresh in the case are also being investigated. According to the information, the victim Suresh Vaghela works in a private company in Ahmedabad.

In this case, RLD spokesperson Prashant Kanaujia told two that, the incident which happened due to having a big mustache with Suresh Vaghela has not happened with any Dalit for the first time, many times similar small Dalit has been targeted on small matters. Prashant said that Dalits have always been targeted by the society.

Prashant said that today is the twenty-first century, there is talk of running a bullet train in the country and other people will decide whether a Dalit has to have a mustache in the same country. Prashant said that until such time as the society does not change its attitude towards Dalits, similar attacks will continue on Suresh and the police will continue to be mere lip-smacking in the name of action.

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