Farmers Protest: Tikait-Yogendra and Gurnam camped outside the police station overnight for the release of farmers

Farmers Protest in Hariyana Outdo Tohna Police Station The leader of the Joint Farmer Front, the leader in Fatehabad of Haryana, are tattled outside the police station. They have raised demand for the release of agitator Ravi Azad and Development Seasar. Hundreds of farmers under the leadership of Indian Kisan Union spokesman Rakesh Tikait, Yogendra Yadav and Gurnam Singh Chaduni were camping outside the police station. This is restless

There was a dispute between the legislator and the farmers in Tohna. After this, a case was registered against about 20 farmers. There was some custody in it. In protesting, the leader of the Joint Kisan Front had reached Haryana on Saturday. Farmer leaders have a huge public meeting. In this, Yogendra Yadav had said that you have taken action against 20 farmers. 20 thousand farmers have come in their support.

Two lakhs will also come.
The number of thousands of farmers had reached their arrest on the call of the front. And there was protest in different parts of the state.
Between the huge crowds of farmers and the increasing controversy, the MLA has apologized. Farmers also forgive them. After a long conversation, it was agreed that the cases recorded on the farmers will be back. But at the end, do not remove the case from two farmers. These farmers are Ravi Azad and Development Seasar.

The farmer leaders are demanding that the case has happened on the farmers. Those are most removed. They were on the movement over the night. There are also farmer out of the police station on Sunday. Yogendra Yadav, the leader of the Joint Kisan Front, said that the farmer will remain.

On June 2 last year, the central government had made three new agricultural laws. On Saturday, farmers had lit copies in different parts of the country on the first anniversary of these laws.
Farmers are agitated against these laws for the last six months. There is a housing of thousands of farmers on the boundaries of Delhi. And they are not ready to finish the movement until the law is not back.

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