Delta Plus Variant: Does the Delta Plus variant reduce the effect of the vaccine? Center said – no such figure yet

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Kovid Task Force chief VK Paul said on Monday that the unexpected way in which corona virus Its behavior changes, no date can be given for any wave of the Kovid epidemic. He said that at present he does not have any data regarding reducing the effect of the vaccine of Delta Plus variant. He also said that discipline and effective steps to deal with the pandemic can be helpful in keeping the country away from any major crisis.

Amid concerns about the delta plus variants of the virus, Paul said that there is no scientific data so far to establish whether it spreads rapidly from one to another or reduces the effectiveness of the Kovid vaccine. Paul is also a member of NITI Aayog. In a conversation with him, he said that the new wave of epidemics of any size depends on many things. In the case of the current pandemic, the proper handling of COVID-19 infection will depend on broad discipline in terms of testing and strategies for prevention of infection and the rate of vaccination.

“In addition, the unpredictable behavior of the virus can also change the dynamics of the pandemic,” he said. In such a scenario, their complicating factor will determine the spread and outbreak of the infection.” He said, “Whether there will be another wave of the epidemic or not is not within our control. According to me, no date can be given for the wave. It is noteworthy that in the second wave of the Kovid epidemic in the country, at one time the number of infected people had reached above four lakhs daily, which has come down to near 50,000 in the last few days. With this, restrictions are also being relaxed in many states of the country.

He said, ‘If we work with determination and discipline and effective steps are taken to deal with the epidemic, then we can avoid any new wave of infection.’ When asked about the delta plus variants of the virus, Paul said that the scientific information about it is at a very early stage. He said, ‘The additional changes in the delta variants, whether the infection will spread faster or its infection will make the disease more severe or will have any adverse effect on the effect of the vaccine, all this has not been established yet. We should wait for more information on this now.

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It is noteworthy that the new variants of Corona virus Delta Plus were detected on 11 June and it has been kept in the worrying category. Regarding the immunity of Covaccine and Kovishield against Delta Plus of Corona virus, Paul said that according to the scientific assessment of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), both the vaccines are effective against different variants of Corona virus including Delta Plus.

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Responding to another question, he said, “Discussions are on to pave the way for internationally developed vaccines in India.” There are many dimensions to this issue and we are trying to find a way out at the earliest, which is agreed upon by all. Paul said that we are trying to expedite the matter in every possible way. Asked about Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin application case getting the Emergency Use List (EUL) certificate from the World Health Organization (WHO), Paul said the process is progressing very well. He said the company submitted additional documents last week. We would like to see an early review of the figures and hope that a decision will come very soon.

Dr. VK Paul (File photo)

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