Delhi Police opposed the plea of the release of Gulfisha Fatima accused of Delhi riots

On Wednesday, the Delhi Police opposed the captive aristocracy petition filed by student worker Gulfisha Fatima. In this petition, there was a demand for release in an illegal activity (Prevention) Act (UAPA) related to the alleged big conspiracy.
Fatima, accused of a matter related to communal violence, was arrested on 11th April and at the moment he is in judicial custody. He claimed that his custody is “illegal and illegal” in judicial custody.
Resisting with the petition, the police have argued that the captive argument filed by Fatima is not only a listable, but it is a terrible misuse of the law process and is dismissed with the penalty. “
Justice Line Palli and Justice Amit Bansal, who was hearing the case, instructed Fatima’s lawyer to file his response on the response and listed on June 18 for the next hearing.

The petition has also been called “false, trivial and annoying” in response filed by additional government lawyers Amit Mahajan and Advocate Silver Nayar.
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“The petition has been filed at the baseless, concocted, induced and absurd facts and circumstances. There is no reason for action in the present matter. The petition is completely incorrect, unfounded and without the merit.”

Responding to this allegation of Fatima, the custody is illegal and illegal, in response to the police, it has been said that in this case the charge sheet was filed in the lower court last year and the next day it was taken cognizance.

Fatima has been kept in judicial custody according to the lower court order. The answer has been said that therefore, his custody in judicial custody is “legitimate and law.”
It has also been reported that where Fatima is arguing on one side that custody is illegal, on the other hand, he has prayed for his release on personal bonds and conditions to ensure his presence.
It has been said in reply that if any illusion of action has been created due to action, which actually did not exist in existence, then it should be terminated only in the first hearing.

The state has also been said that,

Fatima has raised the same bases on which the High Court has already heard the decision in the captive directorial petition filed by his brother. Due to the same basis, the police argued that the petition has been prohibited by the principles of judicial decision.

Along with this, there is also a constructive decision and issue to consider with the effort to mislead the court.

He argued that Fatima can not be allowed to review or challenge the first decision of the court by filing the captive direct petition. Apart from this, he can not be allowed to raise the same basis repeatedly. “
Due to the protesters and supporters of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), there was communal skirmishes in North-Eastern Delhi on 24th February last year.
Apart from that, the other accused of the case is Umar Khalid, Ishrat Jahan, Tahir Hussain, Miran Haider, Natasha Narwal, Devangana Kalita, Asif Iqbal Tanha and Shifa Ur Rahman. All these accused are in judicial custody.

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