Delhi High Court rebukes police for arresting 3 Muslim boys with ‘no evidence in Delhi pogrom case’

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New Delhi; The Delhi High Court on Friday granted bail to 3 Muslim youths arrested for killing Shahid Alam who had sustained gunshot injury on 24 February 2020 during the anti-Muslim pogrom in northeast Delhi and stated that “it’s hard to believe a communal riot used to cause death of person of their own coommunity.”

Earlier, in the charge sheet in connection with the murder of Shahid, the police have booked six Muslim men under charges of murder, rioting, criminal conspiracy, and under provision of Arms Act. The police claimed Shahid was one of the rioters and was “unintentionally killed by his own men”.

“Neither there was any motive in any way both for them or for any other person allegedly present on the roof of Saptarishi building, to commit the offence, nor has the prosecution alleged any motive in the entire case. Thus, it’s hard to consider {that a} communal riot can be used by the petitioners to cause demise of the particular person of their very own neighborhood.” , legal website Live Law quoted as court saying.

Justice Suresh Kumar Kait granted bail to Junaid, Chand Mohd. and Irshad vide a common order.

In line with Live Law, the court after concluding that there was no direct, circumstantial or forensic proof against the accused persons, granted them bail. The court also noticed that there was no recovery, both of firearm or of any other weapon was obtained from the accused individuals.

A Newslaundry report revealed that the Delhi police has arrested six Muslim men in the case on the basis of witness statements from three migrant workers and all of the three witnesses told Newslaundry that the statements are fabricated.

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