Dalit beaten in Sultanpur, raped in Bulandshahr

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The case of oppression of Dalits is increasing in Uttar Pradesh. The latest case is of Sultanpur where a Dalit man was brutally beaten by the bullies and the domineering kept beating him till he was bled. The bullies also made a video of the fight with her, which is going viral on social media. The second case is from Bulandshahar where a rape case with a Dalit minor girl has come to light where Dabang has also raped and made the video viral.

The first is the case of Dalit oppression of Agai Gram Panchayat of Dhanpatganj police station area of ​​Sultanpur. Where there was a land dispute between the village resident Brahmadin Kori and Kashiram Kori for a long time. It is being told that Kashiram had said something to the Dabangs, not obeying the orders of some of the Dabangs in the village.

Due to this thing of Kashiram, the bullies who ate Khunnas took Kashiram outside the village and beat him mercilessly. The bullies beat the middle-aged first with kick bribes, then started beating him in places like head-face with slippers. When the hearts of the overbearing did not fill him, he took him to the field dragged into the ground and tried to kill him by pressing his neck.

The bullies were so strong that they also made a video of the beating of Kashiram, which is now going viral on social media. The victim kept on begging for life from the bullies, but the hearts of the bullies did not sweat but instead beat him mercilessly. According to the viral video, the victim Kashiram repeatedly kept pleading to be released from the bullies. It can be clearly heard in the video that after getting hurt near the eye, he is saying that my eye burst but the bullies did not have any pity on him.

Kashiram somehow reached home after saving his life. Currently, Kashiram is hospitalized in a critical condition where he is being treated. Kalicharan, son of the victim Kashiram, has filed a complaint in Dhanpatganj police station to register a case against the domineering Lallan Mishra, Girish, Atul, Brahmadin Kori, Lallu of the village.
The Dhanpatganj police, based on the viral video, filed a case against the accused Lallan Mishra, Girish, Atul, Brahmin Kori, Lallu in 307,342 and other serious sections of Dalit oppression. Police has also arrested two people, including Brahmin. At present, the case is being investigated by the Officer Officer, Baldirai Rajaram Chaudhary.

Another case of Dalit oppression is from Bulandshahar where a rape incident with a Dalit minor girl has come to light on Sunday. The case relates to the Secunderabad Kotwali area of ​​Bulandshahr where the victim’s minor teenager used to work on the farm with her mother. When the teenager was working alone in the field, some domineering people from the village forcibly picked him up from the field and raped the minor teenager.

Arrested accused rapist -Bhim

The bullies made a pornographic video of a minor Dalit teenager after committing the rape incident and went viral on social media. On the complaint of the victim’s mother, a case has been registered against the domineering of the area itself.The mother of the victim Dalit girl gave a complaint against the accused in Secunderabad Kotwali on Monday, after which the police have registered a case after conducting a medical examination of the victim and started investigation. The police has arrested one of the accused in the case.

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