Congress leader Rahul Gandhi & Priyanka slam BJP govt in UP over poll violence

New Delhi: The Congress on Saturday alamed the BJP government in Utar Pradesh over alleged violence and misbehaviour with women during the filling of

nominations for blockhead elections, with party leader Rahul Gandhi saying that violence has been renamed “masterstroke in the state Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra alleged that the BJP had crossed all limits to stop the nomination of a woman in the polls “A few years ago, a rape victim raised her voice agairt a BJP MLA and an attempt was made to kill her and her family. Today, the BJP crassed all limits to stop the nomination of a woman. Same government. Same behaviour,” she said in a tweet in Hindi and also tagged a video purportedly showing a woman being

stopped from filing her nomination in the polis.

Former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, in a tweet in Hindi, said that in Uttar Pradesh, violence has been renamed “masterstroke. The brother-in-law of a block development committee member was killed in Bahraich as he resisted an alleged attempt to abduct his relative by à BJP candidate’s husband and supporters ahead of the polls for the block panchayat head,

in another incident in Lakhimpur Kherl, a Samajwadi Party candidate was allegedly manhandled by BIP workers, after which six policemen were suspended

with the administration ordering a magisterial probe. A wamani HDC members saree was also pulled in front of police officers, alleged the Congress and

sought an apology from the state government.

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