AMU Professors issued special appeal to be careful , universities have been already lost 45 members due to Corona so far!

The Corona at Aligarh Muslim University is wreaking havoc. In the past 20 days, about 45 staff members have died from Corona, including more than 20 current professors. There are still many professors and staff members who are corona infected and hospitalized. In such a situation, scholars and intellectuals of Aligarh Muslim University have appealed to people to get vaccinated to avoid the deadly disease like coronavirus.

The appeal by the professors of Aligarh Muslim University appealed everyone to get a vaccine to avoid coronavirus. The ongoing appeal said that today the whole world and especially India is facing a serious epidemic. The corona outbreak is not taking its name to a standstill and the storm has reached such a level that our entire public health, medicine and health system has been affected. Doctors, medical workers and all are fighting this crisis on a war footing and giving their lives.

University professors have said that under the present circumstances it is the duty of every citizen and followers of all religions to take all possible measures to save the lives of themselves and others. Follow the instructions of the government and doctors. Protecting life is the most important thing from the point of view of all religions.

Profesaro has stated that as a Muslim he believes that both illness and healing are in God’s hands, but along with precautionary measures, cures and remedies are tools that God has designed and practiced for healing. Is religiously mandatory. The emphasis is on wearing a face mask from all, maintaining social distance. There is also talk of following the government’s instructions on Kovid.

The appeal issued by the professors of Aligarh Muslim University stated that the most important vaccination to avoid coronavirus. Professor says that only by vaccine can we defeat this global epidemic. The appeal calls for all people to be vaccinated as per the prescribed rules at the earliest and that any hesitation in this is to endanger the lives of his family and other citizens of the country.

Teachers have appealed to all people to initiate vaccination as per instructions of Health Department.

So that to be safe and end the crisis that endangers the lives of the citizens of the country and the development of the country.

At the same time, everyone has also been requested to pray to God to end this epidemic.Among those appealing for vaccination were Professor Muhammad Saud Alam Kasami, Dean of the Faculty of Theology, Professor Abdul Rahim Kidwai, Director of the KA Nizami Quran Study Center, Professor Ali Muhammad Naqvi, Director of Sir Syed Academy, Principal Professor M. Zakir Hussain College of Engineering and Technology. M. Sufiyan Baig, former Dean of Theology Faculty Professor Tauqir Alam Falahi, Professor Muhammad Salim, Chairman of the Department of Sunni Theology, Professor Obaidullah Fahd, former Chairman of the Department of Islamic Studies, Professor Tayeb Raza Naqvi, Chairman of the Shia Theology Department, Dr. Mufti Zahid Ali Khan and Bridge Course Director Naseem Ahmed Khan.In the meantime, Aligarh Muslim University is worried about the constant deaths. The situation is that according to unconfirmed reports, 43 deaths have occurred in the university so far. These include 16 professors. The university has lost these capable personalities so far…

  1. Dr. Arshad Ahmed, Department of Physics
  2. Professor Shahdab Khan, Department of Medicine
  3. Professor Rafikul Zaman, Computer Science Department
  4. Dr. Irfan Ahmed, Department of Zoology
  5. Shakeel Samdani, Law Department
  6. Professor Shabbir, Department of Law
  7. Doctor Jibrail, History Department
  8. Dr. Faisal, Women’s Study
  9. Dr. Siraj Anwar, History Department
  10. Mohammad Abbas Mehdi, History Department
  11. Miss Hijazia, City School
  12. Professor Saeeduz Zafar, Department of Psychology
  13. Ahmed Farooq
  14. Professor Sajid Ali Khan, Department of Psychology
  15. Professor Khalid bin Yusuf, Sanskrit Department
  16. Professor Saeed Siddiqui, Department of Botany
  17. Professor Muhammad Mubasheer, Department of Medicine
  18. Professor Sifat Afzal, Department of Medicine
  19. Professor Farman Hussain, Department of Theology
    20.Doctor Mohammad Yousuf Ansari, English Department
  20. Professor Mohammad Yunus Siddiqui, Moalejat Department
  21. Professor Mohammad Arif, Department of Medicine
  22. Professor Gufran Ahmed, Ilamul Adaviya Department
  23. Mohammad Ali Khan, Department of Post Harvest Engineering
  24. Professor Farhatullah Khan, English Department
  25. Professor Qazi Mohammad Jamshed, Department of Political Science
  26. Professor Mukhtar Hussain, Moalejat Department
  27. Dr. Furkan Sambli, Urdu Department
  28. Professor Irfan, Department of Musicology
  29. Doctor Aziz Salim, Department of Musicology
  30. Professor Nabi Ahmed, Department of Education
  31. Professor Najmul Haque, Education Department
  32. Professor Iqbal Ansari, Department of Physics
  33. Professor Iqbal Ali, Polytechnic Department
  34. Professor Saeeduz Zama, Polytechnic Department
  35. Doctor Ehsanullah Fahd, Department of Theology
  36. Professor Zubair Ahmed, Department of Mathematics
  37. Professor Maula Baksh Ansari, Department of Urdu
  38. Professor Humayu Murad, Department of Zoology
  39. Professor Jamshed Siddiqui, Department of Computer Science
  40. Professor SM Rizwan, English Department
  41. Professor Advocate Jafri, Department of Physics
  42. Professor Masood Alam, Urdu Department

Vice Chancellor Professor Tariq Mansoor wrote a letter to the ICMR, concerned after the news of the death of several employees and professors associated with the university came to light. Professor Mansoor, through a letter, recently reported a large number of deaths of professors and staff from Corona and also talked about studying a new strain of the virus spreading in the campus. The university is also setting up its own oxygen plant here.

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