Amidst the conflict with China, Rajnath Singh dedicated 63 bridges on the border to the country, understand why it is important

New Delhi
Last year, when tensions started between India and China on the Line of Actual Control in Eastern Ladakh, one of the reasons was given that China is not tolerating India’s rapidly improving infrastructure. India has done rapid work to develop infrastructure on the China border. Even in the midst of China’s tension, India did not allow its work to be hindered and the Border Road Organization continued its work. On Monday, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh dedicated 63 bridges built in the border area to the country. BRO has built these bridges in 6 states and two union territories.

Defense Minister is on Ladakh tour: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is on a three-day visit to Ladakh. Inaugurated a bridge 88 km ahead of Leh. This bridge is 50 meters long and is built on the Leh-Loma road. Till now there was a Bailey Bridge, in its place a new modern steel bridge has been built. With this, heavy weapon systems, guns, tanks and other military equipment will be easily transported. This road is very important to reach the forward area in Eastern Ladakh. Its importance increases in the midst of tensions with China. Since last year, 50-60 thousand soldiers from both sides are stationed in Eastern Ladakh and neither India nor China has reduced the deployment of troops.

Defense Minister virtually inaugurated 62 more bridges: It was from here that the Defense Minister virtually inaugurated 62 more bridges. There are 11 bridges in Ladakh, 4 in Jammu and Kashmir, 3 in Himachal Pradesh, 6 in Uttarakhand, 8 in Sikkim, one in Nagaland, one in Manipur and 29 in Arunachal Pradesh. The total cost of this project was Rs 240 crore. The Defense Minister expressed confidence that with the construction of these bridges, the security situation will be strengthened, as well as the economic development of the states due to better connectivity. BRO had built 44 bridges last year and now BRO has broken its own record by building 63 bridges simultaneously.

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