7 code words were being used for illegal conversion in UP, Said Chief Secretary

Shocking revelations are being made every day after the massive conversion racket busted in UP. 7 types of code words were being used in the conversion racket. All these have been decoded and their meaning has been extracted. However, a code ‘Kam ka Kalank’ is yet to be decoded. UP’s Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Avnish Awasthi told the code words and their meanings in a conversation with a news channel.

code—————- Meaning
Revert Back to Islam Program — Converting to Islam
Mutakki—Search for the right and the truth
Rahmat ————– Fund coming from abroad
The people of Allah———- the person who made the video live on social
Mobile No., Date of Birth—- Name of Change of Religion

code stigma of the community has not been decoded yet

More than one crore rupees for illegal conversion
During the interrogation of Umar and Jahangir, who were arrested on charges of running a conversion racket, it has been found that more than one crore rupees from the country and abroad have come through hawala in the Islamic Dawah Center.

Investigation has revealed that Umar had transferred money from abroad in the bank accounts of his personal, family members and Fatima Charitable Trust. At present, Rs 50 lakh has been recovered from the bank account of Islamic Dawah Centre. ADG LO Prashant Kumar told that Umar has also received a large amount from the Assam-based organization Markajul Marif. According to the ADG, more than one crore rupees transactions have been done in the account of Islamic Dawa Center.

Money came from Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi
Most of the money has come through hawala. There have been many transactions in the accounts of Islamic Dawah Center from Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi. The ADG said that whatever documents related to conversion have been found from these five, they are being verified. A letter has been written to the police captains of 27 districts of the state including Aligarh, Noida, Ghaziabad, Banaras, Saharanpur. In these cities, people who have converted to religion are being verified.

Forced conversion of 1000 people
The UP ATS had exposed the illegal conversion gang recently. This gang is accused of forcibly converting about 1000 people. Two main accused in the gang, Umar and Jahangir, have been arrested. He used to run an organization called Islamic Dawah Center which used to convert women and deaf and deaf children.

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