Junaid, who was released from police custody, died on the 12th day, tension in the area on the protest of villagers

In Haryana’s Faridabad, the case of death of a Muslim youth is gaining momentum after he was allegedly beaten up in police custody. Shocked by the incident, the villagers demonstrated by placing the dead body on the highway. There was a clash with the police who came to remove them. This has created tension in the area.

The incident is of Badkali village (Punhana). 22-year-old Junaid, who was a painter. He was taken into custody by the police on 31 May. The family alleges that the police illegally detained Junaid when he was going with his friends to a wedding function in Rajasthan.

The family alleges that Junaid was brutally beaten up in custody. Later on June 1, he was released with Rs 70,000. Junaid had serious injuries when he was released from custody. He was undergoing treatment. But the injuries were so deep that he could not survive and he died.

In this case, the family is demanding action against the police. Due to this, a sit-in demonstration started in the first village on Saturday. Later the villagers reached Hodal Highway with the dead body. Police arrived when the highway was blocked and a clash broke out between rescue efforts.

According to a report in The Tribune, a police jeep was also damaged in the incident. This has created an atmosphere of tension in the area. A large number of police forces are also being deployed to control the situation.

The newspaper quoted a police officer as saying that on May 31, Junaid was taken into custody for questioning in a case and later released on bail.

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