Rahul Gandhi attacks government over high fuel prices

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said the long queues for public transport are not just due to Covid restrictions but also because of high petrol and diesel prices

Gandhi’s remarks came amid reports of serpentine queues outside Delhi Metro stations as the average waiting time for commuters went up to nearly an hour at some places on Tuesday.

“Long-Inconvenient queues for public transport aren’t just due to Covid restrictions. See the rates of petrol-diesel in your city to

former Congress chief said on Twitter.

He used the hashtag #TaxExtortion” to attack the government over high taxes imposed on petrol and diesel.

The Congress has been accusing the government of collecting crores through excise duty and taxes in petrol and diesel due to which fuel prices are hovering around or have crossed Rs 100 per litre at several places in the country.

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